Gangi Mitigation & Maintenance can complete all building works required for building Insurance claims, simplifying the claim for both the Insurer and the Client.

We can help with large or small claims for body corporates, industrial and commercial buildings and more. Our service is end-to-end, so the Insurer and the Client only need to deal with one trusted service provider and a dedicated project manager. That makes claims faster, easier and more cost-efficient. What’s not to like?

Monitored 24-hour incident helpline

Our phone number is manned 24hrs a day by qualified Gangi Mitigation & Maintenance staff so that we can always help when you need us.

Site attendance within 2 hours

Once we get your call, one of our qualified tradespeople will attend the site usually within 2 hours (or as agreed). Night or day, rain or shine, we’ll be there.

Full hazard identification & mitigation

Gangi Mitigation & Maintenance staff are highly trained as first responders. Once we’re on site, we work quickly to make the site safe and ensure further damage does not occur.

Detailed Scope of Work (SoW)

When a building insurance claim is lodged the development of a Scope of Works (SoW) is one of the most important steps toward claim resolution. It is often challenging for policyholders and their insurers to navigate this process quickly before commencing repair and rebuilding works.

Gangi Mitigation & Maintenance make it quick and easy.

We complete a detailed, accurate and thoroughly documented scope of work as soon as the site is safe. This sets the tone for a transparent, fast and cost-effective repairs and claims process and mitigates potential fraud.

Cloud based job management software

Our cloud-based job management software allows us to upload all documents and notes relevant to a claim in real time, including, but not limited to:

The Insurer/Client can gain access to the software remotely at all times to ensure transparency.

End-to-end building project management

Large Insurance claims can be incredibly complex, with dozens of contractors and quotes to manage at once. Gangi Mitigation & Maintenance project manage all building works to make it simple. We follow a rule of one:

The Gangi Mitigation & Maintenance approach saves Insurers and Clients time, money and stress and ensures a fast, simple and effective claim resolution. At the end of the day, that means satisfied Insurers and happy clients.

Thermal imaging

As part of hazard mitigation and maintenance, our experts use thermal imaging technology to scan electrical componentry and identify heat fluctuations. This enables us to pinpoint equipment that may fail, so we can fix problems before they happen with immediate repairs or an ongoing maintenance schedule.

This greatly reduces the risk of business interruption and mitigates potential safety hazards.